How Blockchain Technology Can Help Fighting Against COVID-19
Various technologies are being deployed to fight the COVID-19...

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We are happy to announce that from Tezos Blockchain we are now migrating to ETH blockchain adapting DeFi technology...

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Covir was chosen to be listed on CAPP
An open platform based on the BitForex Exchange that gives crypto holders...

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Development of biosecurity robots

OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY robot is designed to decontaminate equipment and large buildings such as food storage facilities and food processing plants, airport terminals, shopping malls and any other public buildings.

Mobile, Intelligent (IA), Fully Autonomous

OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY IS A mobile, intelligent, fully autonomous and modular robot. It recharges itself and can be operated 24/7. Its unique atomization module delivers biocides in aerosolized form (ultramicroscopic particles) while getting away from temperature gradients and air flow issues that may negatively impact disinfection operation...


OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY efficiently treats very large volume environments. It can treat oversized premises compare with existing aerosol delivery systems…


A module for disinfecting buildings; Modules for the distribution of other liquid solutions (e.g. vaccines, phytosanitary products …).

RobotVue1 RobotVue2 RobotVue3


A Open Platform for our Participators

For each Participator/Investors/CVR Holders

Making it possible for everyone in the world to acquire CVR

The platform will include the tracking and payment of royalties in USDT or CVR

It also incorporates a full-fledged sponsorship system (For you and your godchildren and its follow-up on 2 levels).

The platform is completely secure, reliable and transparent. In addition, you benefit from 24-hour support.

An intuitive, innovative and easy-to-use platform for all of our customers

This platform is dedicated to buyers of BioSafety equipment.

Tracking of trajectories made by robots (Example : Octopus BioSafety)

Recording of reports and analyses on global disinfection.

Creation and availability of health certification after use and validation by a manager.

Real-time activity monitoring (Battery, users, history (logbook), current cycle etc.)



VERSATILITY : Our OCTOPUS robots are all equipped with a common multipurpose base. This base has the function of a command post...

INTELLIGENCE : Our guidance technology is inspired of autonomous vehicles…

PERFORMANCE : Our biosecurity robots outperform all competing solutions consisting of fixed installations or static equipment, even those that are supposedly mobile...

COMMUNICATION & TRACEABILITY : A Wifi interface provides real-time monitoring of the various operating parameters…

AUTONOMY : Our robots move by themselves and are powered by a long-lasting battery…

SECURITY : Our OCTOPUS robots guarantee a maximum level of performance and safety (no human intervention is required).


Allocation of funds & tokens

Project Launch

01 March, 2020

Token Symbol




Total Supply


Circulating Supply

4,012,110 CVR



Private Sale





COVIR.IO & Octopus Biosafety develops and industrializes robots and equipment specializing in biosecurity.

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Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO Token, the unique ICO Crypto approach and the team/advisors.

White Paper (2020)
Royalties Operating System (2020)
Covir Details (2020)
License Market (2020)
CVR FA 1.2 (2020)
RoadMap V1.4 (2021)
Covir & Octopus Robots (2020)

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How Blockchain Technology Can Help Fighting Against COVID-19
Various technologies are being deployed to fight the COVID-19...

Bounty Campaign

Covir Launched 800,000$ Bounty | Opportunity to Earn
Covir bounty is running on its Bitcointalk thread.


1st Limited 10.000$ Airdrop Edition
Task Reward : 10 CVR = 2$
Token/Price: 0.2 USD

Start the COVIR Airdrop Bot:

IEO on Bitforex

COVIR (CVR) Premium Token Offering Notice
We are delighted to announce the premium token offering of COVIR...


COVIR’s Commitment to Investors and Holders
Bounty Campaign / Airdrop / BuyBack / Royalties...

Capp Town

Covir was chosen to be listed on CAPP
An open platform based on the BitForex Exchange that gives crypto holders access...

Pre-Sale Bonus

To celebrate the future launch of our IEO, the Covir Board of Directors has...

Disinfect' XL

Global innovation against Covid-19 :
Launch of Fybots Octopus Disinfect' XL, the first autonomous robot for surfaces disinfection by air.


Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Everyone can purchase CVR tokens through our website for now. Just go to :

For all CVR holders outside the platform, a form will be made available to transform old CVRs based on the Tezos blockchain to the new version COVIR V2 (ERC-20 Compliance).
For investors and shareholders holding CVR on our platform, an automatic transformation will be made, so you will receive the equivalent in value including the monthly transformation bonus of 2 +1.

Example: If you hold 1000 CVR ($200) today.
You will receive 20 CVR ($200) + 10 CVR* ($100).

Because since the major event linked of Covid-19 Octopus Robots has received many demands/request for their biosafety equipment/robots. But it's impossible for theim overnight to launch a massive production/industrialization without funds. Of course they have some funds. But not sufficient to complete all the orders. Many companies want (NOW) their robots/biosafety mini... but how do we comply,if we cant launch the industrialization due to limited supply and resources

In order for the company to give thanks to the community, in this migration covir board of directors decided to launch an exceptional one-month promotional offer (Definitive migration time).
Offer : Buy 2 CVR and receive 1* more CVR

Please note: The bonus will be locked until january 31th 2021.

Octopus Robots has received great international demand. (United States, China, Russia, Germany, Latin America, etc.) This makes mass production and industrialization impossible to pass quickly, due to lack of capital. This is why COVIR.IO was born. To provide funding for Octopus Robot and enable rapid and reliable production deployment. This will result in sales (revenue) but also through licenses. And thus make profits (Royalties) for COVIR investors.

How much per CVR? And till when it will be?

PRE-SALE: 1 CVR = 0.20 USD this will run till July 30, 2020 only. You may earn an extra bonus as high as 20%, check it in out Token Sale tab above.

Yes, The Team already have a plan to launch an IEO right away after PRE-SALE, but don’t want to disclose any info as for now, because we don’t want to give false hope to our investors and supporters. The only thing that we may be sure is, COVIR.IO will be in a good exchange for an IEO.

There is no blacklisted country as of the moment. So, everyone all over the world is free to join. (USA KYC Mandatory when the minimum purchase exceeds 10k$

  • Pre-sale - Bonus
  • Super Bounty -> 20%
  • +20% - Pre-Sale
  • Pre-Sale deadline : July 30, 2020
  • Additional of 5% for you and for your referral for every successful transactions
  • Generating token is easy, but to keep the value and manage its price in the market is difficult. How does the team plan to make CVR token more valuable?

    We have a team that will be in-charge for everything, but again market value is undefined not until we are on that stage now, but one thing is for sure, Covir will be ready for it.

    We will distribute their CVR Token in 3-4 cycles , for us to manage the market price and volume and to avoid the dip due to massive selling of our hunters. Our priority is to keep the initial price and our investors.



    What are our privileges when we are now an investor?

    COVIR redistributes the Royalties to all of our investors (in proportion to the number of TRCs held by each investor). As simple as it sounds, if you have a CVR then you will claim high royalties. The royalties work on 2 phases:

  • Octopus Robots sells licenses. 50% of the royalties of its licenses are redistributed to Covir and the remaining 50% remains with Octopus Robots.
  • When Octopus Robots sells a product (whatever the product) it includes the patent, and therefore generates up to 10% royalties per product. 5% of these royalties are redistributed to Covir and the remaining 5% to Octopus Robots.
  • It will be airdrop to our investors, as a way of thanking them, and welcoming them to our company.

    - As an investment opportunity - As a project that benefit the human race through helping to create a safe environment, holders of covir will be happy to know they are part of the team saving the world
    - Since its a proven project with credible team, holders/investors can be sure of the success of the project which in turn means safety of their investments

    Covir IO is a legal partner of Octopus Robot— a top leading brand of AI robots in Europe, with a good reputation in the market,we have 2 patents already, none of our competitors have these. We are going stronger and stronger for the past 30yrs and beyond, we have a real and actual products in the market.

    Contact Us

    We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

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